Credit Policy

Ressler Propane’s terms allow 15 days for payments to be made on an account in order to receive the stated discount. Payments are accepted with no additional charges for up to 30 days. Once the 30 day period has expired, 1.5% per month interest will be assessed on the account balance until the balance is paid.

Accounts with balances over 30 days are mailed a reminder notice. Accounts with balances over 60 days are sent a final notice and/or notice of discontinuation of service. After 90 days of non-payment, an account may be terminated or sent to an outside agency for collection.

The customer is responsible for any additional charges associated with the collection of past due balances. This may include, but is not limited to, collection agency fees, attorney fees, and/or district justice costs.

We understand that errors happen, sometimes in mail service or simply just human error, so we offer a one-time waiver of one month’s finance charges if the need should ever arise.

Life is often like shoes… one size does not fit all. We understand that financial situations are unique to each customer. We simply ask that you communicate with us if you are experiencing a difficult time before your account becomes critically past due. We will work with you and try to make payment terms that will suit you.

We appreciate all of our customers and their business. Please contact us with any questions concerning your account or deliveries.